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Todd Gyenis - Bio


       Todd Gyenis is a Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner, Meditation Music Composer, and Energy worker.  He has devised a way to bring the Solfeggio Frequencies to a new level in a unique and inspiring way.


          His first CD titled "After The Storm" connects you to the energies around you (i.e. Spirit Crowd).  His main goal for this CD is to provide a better understanding who you are, and to bring an enhanced sense of peace through meditation.



Todd Gyenis - After The Storm



Raising Your Vibration - Use to heighten your awareness, balance your giving and receiving capabilities, and present a peaceful state  of mind.

Accepting Love - Use to feel things in a more loving way, providing self-love.  This track has close properties to the Rose Quartz Crystal.

Empower Yourself - Use to inspire you and the energies around you thereby enhancing the connection.

Letting Go Of Old Beliefs (Part 1) - Use to help you think clearer with a higher quality of thought.

Old Beliefs Letting Go Of You (Part 2) - Use to help the old energies and thought patterns let go of you.  Letting go is a 2-Way street when working with energy.  Once you feel you have let go of something, this track will work with the energies around you to let go as well.



How To Use This CD

     The 5 tracks on this CD is a culmination of sounds and frequencies to help you through meditation.  The most efficient way to use to this CD is in a quiet room where you will have no distractions.  This CD is NOT meant to be played while driving.

Listen to the track you want to hear 1-2 times a day, in the morning and at night for best results.  If you wish to listen to a track multiple times, that is perfectly okay.  Close your eyes and let you mind wander as you listen.  These tracks are meant to fill a room when your listening while connecting to the energies around you.  Avoid using earphones.


 What The CD Can Do For You

This CD works with you and the energies around you (i.e. Spirit Crowd).  In some parts of these tracks, the sounds and frequencies may not make sense to you. Some will not be in time, some will distract you from what you may be thinking of, and some will be confusing.

This is all on purpose.  When something doesn't make sense to you while listening, that means it's working on the energies around you and vice verse.  The culmination of this CD will have both you and the energies around you working in harmony.

As you work with the energies around you, you'll notice after listening to the CD for a while, things in your life will seem easier.  In conclusion, through my highest intention, this CD will help you have a higher quality of thought and a clearer picture in your mind of how effortless everything can become.







Todd Gyenis - Angels Practitioner's Edition



Pretuner (Bonus Track) – Use to clear a room of lower energies. Practitioner’s can use this track before and after a session to clear the room of lower energies.  This track is very useful if one makes house calls.  Play this track and leave the room until completed.

Divinity, Presence, & Strength

Archangel Michael – The Angel of Strength & Courage

Archangel Metatron – The Angel of Presence & Thought

Archangel Gabriel – The Angel of Life Purpose

Beauty, Transition, & Clarity

            Archangel Ariel – The Angel of Nature

Archangel Jophiel – The Angel of Beauty

Archangel Haniel – The Angel of Balance

Archangel Raphael – The Angel of Healing

Archangel Azrael – The Angel of “Crossing Over”

Archangel Jeremiel – The Angel of Forgiveness

Light, Harmony, & Vision

            Archangel Raguel – The Angel of Justice & Harmony

Archangel Chamuel – The Angel of Connection

Archangel Raziel – The Angel of Divine Wisdom

Archangel Sandalphon – The Angel of Prayer Delivery

Archangel Uriel – The Angel of Vision & Understanding

Archangel Zadkiel – The Angel of Compassion


How To Use This CD

The last 3 tracks are a culmination of Solfeggio Frequencies bringing forth 15 Archangels.  This CD works on multiple dimensions, so a lower volume level is recommended. 

The 1st track is meant to clear a room of lower energies, do NOT use to clear a person.  As you listen to this CD, each one of the 15 Archangels will fade-in and fade-out over a period of 45 minutes. 

This CD’s recommended use is for Practitioner’s when in a session.  The last 3 tracks are meant to fill a room while you’re listening. This provides an enhanced connection between you; your client, and the Archangels.  Avoid using earphones.






Todd Gyenis - Reflections



Slowing Down - Use to slow down the amount of energy coming in and going out for a more peaceful way of connecting.


Raising Talents - Use to raise ones natural talents. This track widens the lens of ones own reality.


Combining Serenity - Use to combine your true self with your current reality. This has a powerful effect on those who are looking for peace while being in the moment. 


How to use this CD

         Use this CD in a place where you can let go of controlling your thoughts. Have the inner strength to sense what's going on around you and know that it's actually happening. Close your eyes and let you mind wander as this CD is playing. Avoid using earphones. Do Not play this CD while driving.


         Play these tracks in order. Once you fully listen to track 1, then move to track 2, and then track 3. If you cannot fully listen to these tracks in order, then play the CD over again.



What this CD is Intended for

This meditation CD has 2 separate intentions

First Intention is the alleviating of anxiety, and panic attacks. If one has a lot of anxiety in their life, this CD can help you through it. This CD presents a calmer reality while heightening ones own unique talents.


Second Intention is the decreasing of depression. If one has depression in their life, this CD can guide you to a place in which an enhanced feeling of peace and tranquility gets presented. This CD affects you emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.


My Reflections album as well as After The Storm has a commonality of releasing emotions. When you listen to either album based from what each of them present, the shedding of emotions may occur. If anger, fear, sadness or any other emotional reaction happens, then this is the path that is needed to let go or work through what's happening.






Todd Gyenis - Ascension



Pain Relief – Use to provide you with pain relief. Make the intention for the type of pain relief.

Bloodstone   Red Jasper   Carnelian   Blue Calcite   Kyanite


Dream Remembrance – Use to remember what you need to from your dreams.

Amethyst   Red Jasper   Kyanite   Aquamarine   Citrine


Heightened Spirit Connection – Use to strengthen your connection with spirit.

Angelite   Seraphinite   Amethyst   Selenite   Celestite


Spiritual Re-Alignment – Use to re-align your vibration resulting in you becoming lighter or undomesticated, energetically speaking.

Turquoise   Black Onyx   Emerald   Black Tourmaline   Malachite


Eliminating Resistance – Use to eliminate resistance with a situation.

Black Obsidian   Carnelian   Gold Tiger’s Eye   Emerald  

White Howlite/ Magnesite


How to use this CD

The best way to use this CD is by meditating with specific crystals in conjunction with these set intentions.  Each intention has a part one and a part two.  Everybody is different energetically speaking.  Use a pendulum and dowse each part with each crystal and write down what matches.  Once you have the right combination for you, place the crystal either on your third eye or your receiving hand, whatever feels right to you.  Meditate for the duration of the tracks that you wish to strengthen.

These tracks are meant to fill a room when you’re connecting to the energies around you.  Avoid using earphones.




Dowsing with a Pendulum

There many different ways to use a pendulum. Think of a pendulum as an indicator with a YES or NO answer.

Start with an intention of what you want, then begin by asking your pendulum a question. Depending on how you read what your pendulum is trying to tell you, the motion could be side-to-side, clockwise, counter-clockwise, or just shaking in place. 

Whatever is easy for you to remember is how you program a pendulum. Sample:

Clockwise = YES     Counter-Clockwise = NO

Side-to-Side Motion = Ask a different question

Shaking Motion = Ask again later


Clearing your crystals is another use for a pendulum. Have the intention in you mind to clear. Hold the pendulum over any amount of crystals and notice the motion. You'll get a hint of when everything is clear. Usually the pendulum will stop moving.

Everything in the energy world is based off intention.

What do you want?

On my Ascension album, there is a process to figure out what crystal would be best for what set intention. Everybody is different energetically speaking. The Ascension album has 5 separate intentions with 2 parts to each. Use your pendulum and dowse what crystal and what track off the CD would work well together for you.


The pendulum is a very powerful tool and it can help you connect to the energies around you. 





Description of the Vibration

☼☼☼  While listening, the best way to connect to the energies around you is to let go of controlling your thoughts. Let your mind wander as the vibrations are playing. The first few playings of my meditation music will have you experience a wide array thoughts, emotional reactions, and feelings. This music requires multiple playings to, (in a sense), train you spirit crowd.  ☼☼☼


☼☼☼  All the sounds and vibrations are being channeled from my spirit crowd. I have felt what true Unconditional Love really feels like. My spirit crowd has been trained to work with me as I'm creating this music. Everything you experience from my music has the highest intention for your true self.  ☼☼☼

☼☼☼  Therefore, during the playings my music, you may experience a vast amount of effects. I.E. Wanting to turn it off, Having uncontrollable emotions, Reaching blockages while meditating. All of this is suppose to happen.  ☼☼☼

☼☼☼  When you make the choice to surpass these blockages, (based upon trusting yourself that what's going on, is Actually happening), you'll notice that your life will go in a direction that is filled with Love, Happiness, and Prosperity. Feeling high on life is just scratching the surface of what's possible while working with your spirit crowd.  ☼☼☼



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